About Phillips 66®

Frank and L.E. Phillips were no strangers to hard work. They started prospecting for oil in 1903 and after 81 successive strikes, founded The Phillips Petroleum Company twelve years later. Since then, the company has grown considerably and has expanded its product offerings through its commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs.

Phillips 66 also has a history with US Highway 66. In 1927, on the “Mother Road” during a test drive of a newly developed high-octane gasoline, the vehicle reached a cruising speed of 66 mph. The new fuel was named Phillips 66. Even the logo was inspired by the road signs that dot the length of the historic highway.

And the rest is history.

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About WEX Inc.

The Phillips 66® Fleet and Universal Cards are administered by WEX Inc.

WEX is a leading global provider of payment processing and information management services.

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